Panorama reports poorer summer bookings due to World Cup
Panorama reports poorer summer bookings due to World Cup

Mimi Hudoyo, Jakarta, June 26, 2014 THE World Cup has hit European bookings for Panorama Leisure Group's inbound arm, Panorama Destination. However, the DMC remains optimistic about recording a 20 per cent revenue increase this year, with the help of Asia and the US.

Rocky Praputranto, director of Panorama Leisure Group, explained: “Bookings for this summer are slower (than the season last year) as the Europeans’ attention is on the World Cup in Brazil.

“The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland are our markets and these countries are participating in the World Cup. The Europeans are either staying home or travelling to Brazil for the season (to watch the matches).”

Europe is Panorama Destination’s major market, contributing 52 per cent of its business volume last year.

However, with the first four months recording a 15 per cent year-on-year revenue increase as well as growth of the domestic, Asian and American (the US and South America) markets, Rocky expects the company will see a 20 per cent revenue increase by year-end.

He said: “Since we entered Asia about five years ago, the market has been growing quite rapidly and is becoming the second-largest after Europe, with 34 per cent share.

“The American market contributed 2.3 per cent to the total passenger numbers we handled last year and we are expecting this share to increase to four per cent this year.

“Hence, we are optimistic our target (for the year-end) will be achieved.”

The Asian market includes South-east Asia, India, the Middle East and Indonesia, while the American market is new for Panorama Destination. Last year it handled some 2,500 American travellers.

The company’s annual report shows a year-on-year 3.1 per cent total passenger increase in 2013. Revenue also increased 6.5 per cent year-on-year, at Rp298.5 billion (US$27.1 million).

In terms of products, bookings for overland tours were the highest (nearly 60 per cent) followed by incentive/ad hoc travel and beach holidays.

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